Deep River, ON, has cut its fire department in half

Ontario taxpayers are being burned by unreasonable costs of fire protection


Thank you for continuing to inform us of the TRUTH, with regards to our local fire dept. ... A dozen or so members of the firefighters union, must not be allowed to hold this town hostage with their outrageous demands. Please, keep up the good work, very much appreciate it.

Deep River Resident 1

I look forward to all your letters to the NRT Editor in order to have a rational discourse with factual information to the issues of the day - in particular the firemen dispute. I would imagine that [the Mayor] is happy to have someone like you to counterbalance the yowling yobs. Keep up the good work.

Deep River Resident 2

My thanks to Daniel Banks for once again writing an informed, intelligent, unbiased letter outlining the ongoing issues with the fire department. His prose is simple and clear, without ranting or overblown rhetoric or personal attacks. Thanks to Mr. Banks, we all have a better chance to understand the complicated history of the Deep River Fire Services. Keep it coming, Daniel!

Deep River Resident 3

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